Moore Association of Classroom Teachers
November 2014
Attitude of Gratitude
“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.” –John F. Kennedy
November is here with the promise of cooler weather, changing colors, good times with families and friends, and Thanksgiving. How appropriate it is to pause for a moment and contemplate all that we have and for which we can be grateful.
To find a sense of serenity and wellness in our lives, a gratitude list can have a wonderful, positive effect on our perspective. I encourage you to write a gratitude list throughout this month. Here is my short gratitude list so far:
The elections are over and Joy Hofmeister will be the new State Superintendent of Public Instruction. I am grateful that she is a gracious, caring person who has already demonstrated a commitment to listen to educators and parents as she plans for her new administration.
When visiting teachers and their classrooms across our school district, I am amazed and truly grateful for all the wonderful teachers who are dedicated professionals --- working sometimes under very difficult circumstances and always for the benefit of the students entrusted to their care.
There are countless other professionals in Moore Public Schools who give selflessly to help make our schools safe, comfortable learning environments. From bus drivers to janitors to secretaries to other paraprofessionals --- I cannot imagine how our schools would function without them. I am so grateful for their service.
Despite devolving school funding and ever-growing demands on our school district, our district continues to thrive and succeed --- in many ways thanks to the worthy administrators leading Moore Public Schools. Each and every one of them have true educators’ hearts and, like our teachers, they respond to a calling to educate young minds and hearts. I am so grateful that our district is led by such dedicated public servants.
The Moore Association of Classroom Teachers has wonderful leaders and committed members who work long hours and still find time to volunteer their efforts to support their peers, build a stronger association, and prepare a brighter future for our colleagues and colleagues-yet-to-come. I am profoundly grateful to all the members of MACT and the leaders rising up among them.
We are all at our best when we help make each other better!
Have a great November!
Elise Robillard, NBCT
MACT President

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