Moore Association of Classroom Teachers
December 2014
Season of Learning, Season of Change
          As we wrap up the Fall Semester of 2014, we can look back with satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment for the work we have done so far this school year. Great learning is going on in Moore Public Schools!
          Our members — great teachers at all levels and for all subjects, counselors, department chairs, school nurses, psychologists, psychometrists, and other certified personnel — we have all given our utmost for our students’ learning and success despite ever more difficult working conditions, increasing demands on our time, seemingly impossible expectations from the Oklahoma State Department of Education and our lawmakers, and fewer resources to support our efforts.
          If we are honest with ourselves, no matter the difficulties we face, we know great learning is possible because of our tireless efforts, the support of the staff and faculties in our schools, and the involvement of parents and community members. School time is a magical time when minds are opened, hearts are changed, and almost imperceptible miracles happen. People may wonder how we continue in our professions, but we know the “intangibles” that called us to our careers as educators.
          What are these “intangibles”, these miracles of learning and growing that make it all worthwhile? Have you witnessed a child’s pride in reading a whole book to himself for the first time? Have you heard children’s voices rising in unison with beautiful notes of harmony? Have you supported a high school student learning to write to a college standard and finally finding her voice as a writer? Have you seen students winning games and awards and knowing the triumphant sense of accomplishment through hard work? Or have you stood and supported students as they lose in a well-fought contest and as they make that shift in perception that takes them from disappointment to good sportsmanship, when they rise and shake the hand of their opponent?
          These miracles and countless more are the signs of the season of learning, the season of change we are all experiencing. Let us be grateful and head into our holiday break seeking rest and renewal. We will return for more miracles in the Spring Semester!
          The Moore Association of Classroom Teachers supports our members in making miracles happen! We are all at our best when we help make each other better!
Have a joyful holiday break!
Elise Robillard, NBCT
MACT President

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