Moore Association of Classroom Teachers
September 2014
LOVE is a wonderful gift to give – as an acronym for our profession it stands for Legacy, Organizing, Vision, and Engagement. We build on the Legacy of all the educators and advocates for public education who have made our careers possible today. We organize our students, their parents, our communities, and our profession around the basic concepts that every child can learn and every child deserves a free and fair education. It is in Organizing that we build great learning environments and advocate for our students. We have Vision – perhaps many Visions – founded on our conviction that there are no limits to what we can achieve through education. Our Engagement is woven throughout all our learning, collaborating, teaching, and exploring – it lives within us because we were taught to love the engagement of learning and we pass it along to our students as they wonder and learn together.
The Moore Association of Classroom Teachers shares this LOVE with our members. We are building on a strong and inspiring Legacy, bringing together our members through Organizing efforts intent on empowering educators in Moore, fulfilling a Vision of helping each other be better and stronger by working together for great public schools. With this Engagement of our members throughout the district we are “Learning to Grow, Growing to Learn”. I hope you have had a wonderful start for this new school year and I look forward to sharing the LOVE of public education with you throughout the year.

Elise Robillard, NBCT
MACT President

321 NW 1st Street, Moore, OK 73160 Phone: 405.799.7333