Moore Association of Classroom Teachers
President’s Message • February 2015
Teachers Need Teachers
            Let’s talk about the big change in how we do Zone Day in Moore 
Public Schools. Change can be unsettling, so please be assured that we 
believe the newly designed TNT Day (TNT = Teachers Need Teachers) on February 20th will be the beginning of district-wide conversations about 
supporting each other in the education field, sharing our best practices as educators, and building positive relationships with colleagues at other schools in order to better serve our students.
            The idea to reorganize Zone Day came from discussions at the Montgomery Institute in 
Maryland attended by 15 teachers and administrators from our district in late October 2014. The 
purpose in attending the Montgomery Institute was to design a Peer Assistance and Reflection (PAR) program for our district that will support teachers new to the profession, teachers in their first five years of teaching who feel they could benefit from peer assistance, and teachers at risk of leaving the profession. The Moore Association of Classroom Teachers and Moore Public Schools have partnered in designing this program and it will be in place starting in August 2015. How awesome is it that our 
district will offer meaningful, long-term support for teachers to help them in building a great teaching practice and in developing relationships with other educators? To say the least, it will make our district stand heads above other districts in Oklahoma. This type of supported educational environment is
critical at a time when Oklahoma is experiencing a shortage of teachers and recruiting new teachers has become very competitive.
            It occurred to all the attendees of the Montgomery Institute that teachers served by the new PAR program would need to find experienced colleagues in their buildings willing to embrace a more 
collaborative approach and principals who are equally engaged in discussions about great teaching 
practices. So the idea was born to transform Zone Day into TNT Day – a half-day of guided 
conversations about great teaching and learning during which educators from all levels, subjects, and services will come together to begin building a collaborative teaching and learning community in Moore Public Schools.
            A TNT Committee was formed with over 20 teachers and administrators from all levels across the district. This committee has met with the full support of Dr. Romines and Dr. Cobb to design a morning of powerful conversations, learning, and sharing.
They have also worked on logistics such as organizing the groups by schools that feed to a common high school, rotating the 
break schedule so bathrooms and water fountains will not be
overcrowded, providing snacks in the meeting room so everyone’s needs will be met, and having the keynote speaker make her speech twice so there will be plenty of room in the auditorium.
            Everyone who attends TNT Day will share in a common
experience that is intended to jump start conversations among
colleagues about great teaching and learning. We hope you will find this experience meaningful and valuable. We welcome your
suggestions for improvement on your evaluations following TNT Day.
            We look forward to seeing you there!
Elise Robillard, NBCT
President, Moore Association of Classroom Teachers

321 NW 1st Street, Moore, OK 73160 Phone: 405.799.7333